BI & Data Analytics

Predictive and Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Data Governance, Data Management, Data Architecture, Data Visualising, Data Warehouse. Extremely interesting and rich concepts.    

This is where business understanding, commercial logic, system understanding and hardcore programming is melted together. This is where the interplay between  finance, IT and business development is put to the test. It is here the best and most talented employees truly makes a difference and pushes the business to the 'next level'. The most talented  candidates in this field needs to be analytic, structured, able to think about abstract ideas, cause and effect aware as well as being  strong communicators.

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We believe passion breaths competence, and we love Business Analytics and meeting all the exciting, intelligent and ambitious people who work in this demanding field. 


Examples of positions we have recruited previously  

  • Head of Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Information Architect
  • Data Management Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Datawarehouse developer
  • BI consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • BI Controller    


2. Can you find a Hadoop specialist with Hands-on experience, before the technology has hit the country?

Yes, if the candidate is not required to speak Danish. Denmark is in many ways an attractive country. We have a work culture which appeals to educated specialists from other cultures, a strong academic foundation, our management style based on giving responsibility, freedom and a high salary.  So yes, if you are open towards hiring a non danish speaking specialist, then we can definitely find and recruit the perfect candidate. And yes, we found 2 Hadoop specialists who relocated to Denmark, one candidate from Bulgaria and the other from Spain but living in Ireland. 

1. How does a small consulting company attract the best resources the market has to offer, when a candidate can pick and choose where they want to work?  

From our point of view, it is about spotting the unique DNA a company has. The opportunities  an employee has in the specific context; the tone that defines the collaboration; what separates the firm from the rest, what makes them unique, and what drives their success.

Do you have something "unique" that makes you special, we will find it and create a compelling narrative,  that attracts the best talents.