IT Security


The consequence of Digitalisation, Big Data and Business Analytics has been that data has become the backbone of most companies. The security challenge facing IT organisations, is to have a complete overview of the firms data flow, which systems it flows through, where the systems are physically located, who has access to the systems and how the data is classified. IT Security has become the central theme for top management and board of directors, and where GDPR, Cyber rime, Ransomware and Phishing are not only "hot" topics, but also potential headaches.


We assist our clients through the transition period, where employees are presented with new demands, new skills and competences or organizational change, in order to adapt to the new requirements introduced by Cybercrime and GDPR.

We have done recruitment in IT Security since 2009, and work in close collaboration with our CSA partner Usurpo, located in the UK,  on international search assignments. We are passionate about IT security and determent to help you find the right team of IT Security specialists and managers, who can lead you safely through the challenges of the future.


Examples of positions we have recruited previously

  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) 
  • Head of information security
  • Information Security Architect
  • Enterprise Security Architect
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Advisor
  • Security Solution Executive
  • Channel Sales Manager


We have assisted a client in establishing a sales team in the Scandinavian Countries. The dynamic and ever changing market for Cyber Security demanded the sales team to develop new competencies, and to rethink parts of their business processes. The sales team changed from offering a standardized product, to a strategically intertwined  solution based product, complementing the customers on a more strategic level. In close cooperation with our client, we recruited sales representatives from Denmark, Sweden and Norway including New Buizz sales Consultants and strategic Key Account Managers.

Yes, if you have the right network and area of focus. One of our clients had been in the process of recruiting an Enterprise Security Architect, and felt they had found the right candidate.  The candidate was academically sound, and matched the firm's culture. Unfortunately the candidate decided to leave,  shortly after the contract had been signed. His former employer issued a “counter offer” which ultimately lured him back.  

We had recently completed a similar search assignment, and could  before the end of the month, present the client with a field of qualified candidates. Our client only experienced a month's delay in operations.