My meeting as a candidate with CSA-CPH was something completely different. Definitely a positive experience. Think one can find normal people in the headhunter sector with such a professional approach. They really know their clients. The company, the organization, its entire business base, the products and the challenges the company is facing. I received proper, processed material, which was relevant for my decision to move forward in the hiring process.

CSA-CPH spent a lot of time on me as a candidate and I could see they have extraordinary passion for what they are doing, at no time did I feel I was treated as part of an assembly line process.  What I experienced was; a professional and structured hiring process, but without it feeling like science project. CSA-CPH have a really good sense of character and at the same time they dared to challenge me as a candidate, even on my more delicate behavioral characteristics in a polite way. They go the extra mile - I received constructive feedback on my personality test that really opened some new doors in my life and made a big difference to my awareness of my personality, which I now use very constructively.

Søren Westergren, Sales Director, DANELEC MARINE