Why leadership compe­tencies are crucial in cybersecurity

As cybersecurity has reached the top agenda in organizations, it poses a new pressure and challenge on the role of cyber managers. Happening over a short time, many are not yet used, nor trained, to navigate the corporate attention and stakeholders

The CISO role is a swingdoor

29 september 2020 The CISO role is a swingdoor Observations On average, a CISO stays for 18 months in the job – this is evident from our market monitoring at CSA CPH. Thus, the CISO role has become one of the major job hopping positions of our time. Why is that? Are CISOs opportunistic career […]

Have we finally reached a turning point?

25 august 2020 Have we finally reached a turning point? This week, when the IT University of Copenhagen starts the semester for the students, there will be more women than ever in the IT educations such as Software Development and Data Science. Universities around the country are also experiencing increasing interest from female applicants for […]