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What are the options in cybersecurity?

The simple answer is many. With a career in cybersecurity, you are looking into an industry with great job security and an option to make a difference in protecting crucial functions of our society. You do not need to have the technical skills of a hacker to be successful – it is equally about understanding human behaviors around technology. You can work with cybersecurity across organisations in many different functions.

Want to advance your career in cyber?

We are here to help you ask the right questions, whether you are new or experienced in the cybersecurity industry. From our exclusive focus on cybersecurity recruitment, we know the relevant entry levels, certifications, requirements, and competencies in demand. With a close understanding of your motivation and professional skillset, we can guide you towards the next meaningful step in your career.


Present your personal and professional skillset with meaning for the desired position/area and describe your relevant experience


It is a platform, where many hiring managers get their first impression. Consider adding a small description to your role/responsibility/results to attract the desired attention


Sometimes it is a question of knowing the right people. Engage in communities and do not be afraid to reach out. People might need the same help from you some day

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