Governance, Risk and Compliance

To hire Governance, Risk, and Compliance specialists, it is necessary to acknowledge their individual distinct disciplines. Depending on the organisations, you might be looking for a combination of someone with strong competencies within either Risk Management or Governance and Compliance policies and processes. Furthermore, it is central to ask whether GRC is something enforced or encouraged within the organisation. 

GRC is often referred to as one position, but Governance, Risk, and Compliance each have their own complexities, that should place them in individual teams depending on organisational scale. When hiring specialists within GRC, we are mindful about where the candidate is placed and whether the role weighs on Governance, Risk or Compliance competencies to increase the candidates chances for success.


Katharina Bengtsen

Katharina has been working with cybersecurity recruitment since 2019 and with communication, bringing awareness to the ressource gap and for attracting more women into the cyber security industry.

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