With our market insights, we are dedicated to raise our voice on matters that deserve greater attention within the cybersecurity industry. There are many stories and subjects to take on within the community and through our articles and public press, we shed light on relevant subjects and discussions, that deserves more debate. 

CISO - from technical specialist to organisa­tional leader­ship
Depending on the definition of ’leader’, you could argue that the CISO role has developed into a management role rather than a specialist/staff function.
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OT Security - what is the challenge?
If you want to know more about the challenges and issues within OT, security expert Mikael Vingaard is the person to talk to.
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The CISO role is a swingdoor
On average, a CISO stays for 18 months in the job – this is evident from our market monitoring at CSA CPH. Thus, the CISO role has become one of the major job hopping positions of our time.
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Have we finally reached a turning point?
This week, when the IT University of Copenhagen starts the semester for the students, there will be more women than ever in the IT educations such as Software Development and Data Science.
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How do you secure the right CISO?
- and is this person even avaible in Denmark? Regarding titles, this job function goes by many names, and this increases the confusion regarding the CISO role.
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