Privacy Policy

Gathering and processing of personal data

CSA CPH uses different methods in finding the right candidates for our clients. Every personal data gathered as part of this process (name, position, workplace and contact information) is processed and stored properly. This information will be stored as long as it is necessary for the specific assignment. We reserve the right to store information on people, that have clearly expressed a desire not to be contacted in the future, to avoid future interruption.

CSA CPH informs about consent for storage and processing of resumes before receiving them from candidates. This means, that when candidates send their resumé, CSA CPH obtain consent for storage and processing of that given resumé. This consent is held until further is agreed.

As part of the further recruitment process, personal data will also include e.g. personality- and IQ-test, certificates, diplomas and transcript of records, criminal record, references and notes from interviews taken by a CSA CPH employee.

Storage of personal data

CSA CPH is both the controller and processor of every personal data, that is gathered as part of our recruiting process.

The personal data, mentioned above, is stored properly and in compliance with GDPR. CSA CPH uses the following supplier for proper storage; Ponty and Tresorit.

Furthermore, there exist clear internal procedures for receiving, processing, storing, and disposing of personal data gathered by CSA CPH. Every employee of CSA CPH is familiar with and subject to these procedures.


Tresorit is a cloud-based service provider that allows CSA CPH to share files and collaborate with partners and employees with cryptographic end-to-end security.

Tresorit encrypts all and every transmission of information using Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL). The encrypted content and corresponding encryption keys can only be decrypted by CSA CPH and persons with whom, CSA CPH explicitly chooses to share.

Disclosure of personal data

Upon receiving resume, the candidate gives CSA CPH consent to pass on the resume with third party as part of a recruiting process. 

Exchange of personal data (e.g. resumes) along with other communication between CSA CPH and the third party will only happen through encrypted services previously outlined.

When a third party receives personal data from CSA CPH, then the third party will independently be the responsible controller of the data.


CSA CPH stores personal data as long as it is necessary for the specific assignment unless otherwise agreed upon. Candidates can always and without cost:

  1. request insight on which personal data, CSA CPH has stored on said person,
  2. demand correction of the registered information,
  3. object to the processing of said person’s personal data,
  4. get the processing of the personal data limited,
  5. get personal data deleted,
  6. retrieve consent either full or partial, and
  7. notify Datatilsynet (The Danish Protection Agency), Borgergade 28, 1300 København K, phone.: 33193200, or via e-mail:, about CSA CPH’s processing of personal data.