Ambitious and successful on your behalf

We are subject matter experts in ‘cybersecurity people’ and help organisations attain, attract and engage the right talent. Securing the right match between talent and company is how we measure our success. We invest the necessary time in understanding the journey, culture, and uniqueness of your company as trusted ambassadors towards your potential future employees.

Talent supply is key for organizational growth, which is why we take our role very seriously. The demand and supply of cyber talent have created inflation and increased the challenge of securing the necessary resources, but we are here to help your company on your way. We bring our market knowledge into play and are willing to challenge views in order to be successful.

We help ask the difficult questions based on our market insights and the motivations among cybersecurity professionals. Have you made the right considerations prior to the hiring process, are current requirements preventing you from succeeding on your own? As part of an international network of recruitment partners, we address the many opportunities of cultural and language diversity.

We help find the right match within


We know WHY

We know the challenges of IT and technology-driven companies. At the same time, every company and assignment are unique. We know the candidates for the position and the patterns that are crucial to understand market supply and demand. We examine, analyze, and know their motivation. We know the pitfalls on both sides of the table and act as an advisor and sparring partner in terms of whether recruitment is the right method.

We know HOW

We have many years of experience in all forms of recruitment in IT and technology-driven companies. We know both the classic and modern recruitment methods. For us, recruitment is a craft as we tailor the most effective solution for our client and assignment. We make sure that the candidate knows the company, understands the culture and is highly motivated. We do what needs to be done

We know WHO

We have built an extensive network through years of work with IT and technology-driven companies. Dialogue and personal relationships are at the core of our existence and of our work. Every day we are in dialogue with people that help to expand our network. We therefore already know, or know someone who knows, the right candidate in our local or international network. We can therefore secure the best match between our clients and the candidates