Driving change by developing talent

We are a talent supply agency because we want to make a difference and ‘give back’ to our community. We are dedicated to raising awareness and create initiatives to make sure there will be more qualified human resources within cybersecurity. By facilitating collaborations and partnerships across the cybersecurity industry, we focus on educating and developing more diverse talent in line with technological and organisational development.

Furthermore, we work to attract and inspire more people from other sectors, academic traditions, or genders to pursue a career within the cybersecurity industry. We want people to know about the many opportunities and break with assumptions that cybersecurity is a technical world. Cybersecurity is equally about people, processes and technology. By attracting more diverse talents – and let’s face it, more women, we help facilitate perspectives to future challenges.

"CSA CPH is the only Nordic talent acquisition company I know, that engages as voluntary helpers on community events, spending time understanding the people - and their individual wishes and needs, within the cyber security community"

- Mikael Vingaard, En Garde Security

... & creating awareness on

Industrial Security

Old IT in industrial production companies faces digitalization, which requires strong OT security competencies. With our partner Mikael Vingaard in OT Academy, we offer upskilling and focus on educating more professionals to fill this resource gap. We are also proud sponsors of the Industrial Security Conference, recently held in Copenhagen. We support the need for knowledge-sharing and perspectives on the cyber threats and challenges that surrounds our critical infrastructure.

Women in Cyber

Diversity is an ongoing responsibility and there is definitely room for more initiatives to drive the agenda forward. In a male-dominated industry, we hope to inspire more female talent to see the many opportunities in cybersecurity. By sharing stories of women role-models working in the industry, and developing a ‘Women Cyberheroes’ universe, we hope bring more nuance and inspire female talent at early ages to choose a career in cybersecurity.

Talent attraction

Who are the people working with cybersecurity? What competencies and skills do you need to have to work with cybersecurity? We shed light on these questions – and others, together with industry professionals in casual ‘sofa’ talks settings, streaming live on our LinkedIn. We address relevant issues and ask how to spot talent in ‘early ages’ – and what parents, talent acquisition specialists, hiring managers and people within educational institutions can contribute individually to create more awareness.

Courses & education

Industrial Security for beginners (Danish)

In collaboration with ICSRange, we are currently  offering a two-day foundation course in industrial cybersecurity. The course is taught in Danish by leading OT cybersecurity experts.