Technical specialists

Hiring cybersecurity professionals can be very challenging. The level of expertise and knowledge is very broad and finding the right combination of skills and personality can seem very hard, but it is not impossible. What unites the technical specialists in this industry, is passion and true enthusiasm for the field. Thus, we have learned that it is central to bring a genuine professional interest for the subject, 

technical or not, as it is often the reason for people coming together and making a difference in their work. Being where they are and actively engaging in the community, has brought us their respect and acceptance, and thus, for many of them, we became their trusted advisor and “go-to person” when considering changing jobs.


Andrada Son

Andrada is passionate about technical subjects and active in the cyber security community as a member of Bsides and OWASP Copenhagen Chapter. She is recent member of the renowned cyber security network BeerISAC.

For more information or advice on hiring technical specialists, please contact Andrada:

+45 20 77 72 57